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How discreet is the bond?

Our Luxe bond extensions are virtually undetectable, with a translucent bond smaller than a grain of rice that blends seamlessly with all hair colors. This ensures you have all the volume and length you need without any worries.

Does the bond damage hair?

Our bond has been tested by an independent trichologist and proven to be completely safe for all hair types. The bond is 100% natural and contains zero plastics. When it's time for removal, you won't have to worry about any residue or damage left behind.

Is the hair reusable? 

Our extensions are made of 100% Euro human hair, and just like real hair, can be styled to your liking. With proper maintenance, our extensions can be reused for up to a year, making them a sound investment for those looking to elevate their style.

Is the hair ethically sourced?

We offer premium quality, ethically sourced hair that is 100% human hair. We have an extensive range of styles, lengths, and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your natural hair.

Can the hair be colored/highlighted?

We understand that our clients want the best of both worlds: quality hair extensions and the ability to color or highlight their hair without sacrificing the longevity or integrity of their extensions. Our extensions are designed to withstand coloring and highlighting, but we recommend that you ensure the bonds are not touched by color to maintain their durability. We suggest coloring the clients hair before the extension application process to match them seamlessly, ensuring a stress-free and easy process.

Are they suitable for clients with fine hair?

Our hair extensions are designed to provide clients with a natural and undetectable appearance. Our extensions are suitable for clients with fine hair, and our expert technicians will help you select the right color and style that complements your personality and lifestyle. Our hair extensions provide thickness, length, and are easy to style.

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